Attendance Matters

Our Academy Target is 95%+ for every student

Rewards and Incentives

Attendance Procedure

Daily attendance at Outwood Academy Freeston throughout the year is a legal requirement for all children, and is vital.

The detailed programmes of study that we use build on prior attainment and progress made. Any sections missed will leave knowledge gaps and this will seriously disadvantage your child. Our planning is based on using the maximum amount of the available time to ensure your child gets the best possible education. Children are always offered opportunities to catch up on missed work, OAFr Google Classroom has a huge amount of resources on here and your child will be invited to virtual classrooms when they arrive at OAFreeston in September.

17 days off in any one year results in students underperforming by at least one grade at GCSE!

School holidays/term dates are available on the DMBC website. If, despite this you still intend to withdraw your child from Outwood Academy Freeston during term time, please complete a Holiday Request form, these are available from the attendance team, and return it with as much mitigating information as possible. The Academy will advise you promptly of the decision. If you then decide to withdraw your child for a leave of absence which has not been authorised a Fixed Penalty Notice may be issued.

We trust you will work with Outwood Academy Freeston to give your child the best chance they can have in life.